Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy week..


It's been a stressful and busy week, and a week which I spent a lot more than my budget to online at night because I need to send mails and things out. Honestly, I thought I could've spend less and thought I could survive using less than RM100 or RM80 a week by eating economic rice everyday, since there're lots of economical restaurants and cafe in one stop, and if I just order drinks once in a while, RM 100 is more than enough, and I still can afford to go to starbucks or old town once or twice in a week, but not every single bloody day!!! Argh! April coming, have to get some money from my parents again.. I hate to do that, really.. I still don't know how much I'll get for my practical training, yet it's already good news that Shannis (my boss + supervisor) said she'd pay me. I heard a friend said she may have bout RM500 a month (means she may get RM1000, wow!), but because her boss is so stingy, she may deduct it because we're not working on Saturday.

Oh yea, why aren't we working on Saturday? We're suppose to attend Project Management class on Saturday mornings, but the lecturer changed it to Thursday night 7 to 9! Hello~ I finished work on 7, and I usually leave on 7:15pm, that was the earliest within this 2 weeks. There was once when my asked my sister to fetch me, I worked till 8 and wasted 30 more minutes to try to closed to metal gate, because it was stucked, and in the end I have to asked help from a Bangladeshi. Since then, every time they look at me they're like going to laugh! I think I'm going to fall asleep in class... Yesterday I woke up early to go to class, and found out class is cancelled, I feel like collapsing... I was so tired by then, though I'm used to sleep late, but the night before that I promised to finish a design and send it out, so I sat in Starbucks till bout 1, finally wanted to put in the last thing and press ctrl+s, the program had some error and shut down by itself. Oh my! I forgot to save it! Quickly, I redoo everything within 15 minutes. Can anyone imagine finishing a design within 15 minutes, which I used 2 hours before that? Of course, the picture didn't come out nicely, and the next day I received an e-mail asking me do to amendment... The point is, this incident made me a little bit too stressful, and when I went home, took a bath and feel more relaxed, I was drained. After doing some work, it's already 4 in the morning, and that's why I feel like calling to collage to complain when I know the class was cancelled.

After the class was cancelled, my friends took me out for breakfast and went to see the place I work, but it wasn't open yet.. It's already 12:30pm. Then, the few of us went to Gurney, met our other classmates, and so I gave Eng Siang his 7zai I promised to give him on his birthday, and after that went for a movie with AX, her friend, Seb, and my sis. Ar!!! DO NOT WATCH DEADLY GHOST!!! The movie is really dissapointing, first time Thai ghost movie dissapoints me. After movie, my sister and I went to Queensbay to buy some stuff for herself. Oh yea, she's working in Guess now..

Going to sleep now.. Replacement class is fixed on tomorrow.. Hopefully I won't fall asleep... Shannis said she won't go back to office tomorrow, but I still have lots of stuff to do, hmn... K, sleep d, night~ Muax..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Practical Training~

I've done a week's practical training. Oh well, work load is quite heavy... not really heavy too, but still manageable, and I know I can do better, and I MUST do better in order to get good testimonial and get good results.

As I said before, the company I'm going for practical training is Zenz Design. It is located one the third floor in One Stop, a shopping mall that WAS very famous... that was some time ago. If I'm not wrong, it was like... Billion without KB mall's existance, or better, but surely the place is bigger, and I heard it was quite high class by then. Anyway, now the place is quite scary. My friend starts work on 9 morning, but I start on 11, and because no one is able to fetch me, I follow her car there every morning. There really is nothing to do there in the morning. Besides a few offices that start working early, no shops or restaurants or even cafes are opened before 10am. Oh! I forgot to mention there are also lots of Bangladeshi who wear their green t-shirts with big printed 'House Keeping' are cleaning the place. Oo, I know how to describe the place now, it is like the Bazaar near Pasar Siti Khadijah but slightly high class and cleaner. Hehe...

The company I work in looks good, even my parents said so. It is a small interior design firm with fengshui shop beside. Both shops are opened by the same person. Hoho..!

Anyway, I haven't write my practical training report, and my eyes are a bit tired now.. I'll continue again. Ciao~

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

I went to watch this movie with my classmate today after UBBL examination. Oh my! It was very nice! Most of my friends came out from the cinema, telling me they still couldn't breath properly because the funny scenes happened one after another, and they couldn't stop laughing. Honestly, I can understand why this movie wins CJ7 and Kung Fu Dunk in Singapore now. It is worth laughing since the movie starts till the end. Besides, there is a really good looking guy who I don't know his name, and my friend said he's a Malaysian model, he acted as one of Fann Wong's most trusted sidekick. There is this very funny scene where Fann hides her breasts, and her mom said: "give half ball like Manchester United" to attract more men..." That is really funny.. Plus Mark act as an a-gua and appearance of Malaysia famous deejay KK, the whole movie really makes me laugh really hard, though come to think of it, the storyline is not very special. Anyway, this movie is worth watching!

This morning, I wanted to eat 濑尿虾炒饭, but the aunty did not open her stall. Aih, I'll miss it for 2 months. I even heard that she won't be opening her stall if we aren't in college. Is that possible? She still has lots of business besides my classmates and I, though we can't deny that we're her most loyal customers. =p A apek who works there even looked at us and said, 'no rice no rice'... After having my lunch (chicken rice uncle's eat char siew rice), my friends and I went to Leith Street campus (2 hours early) to 'prepare' (dreaming and chatting away) for examination. I think without much students going to college (term break), people who work there are too free, because the moment I stepped on the verandah-way, Felix, who is one of them who worked in the college and is not a lecturer; and who interviewed me last week, saw me, and ran to the door to open the door for me, saying 'WELCOME~'.

Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 examination... I managed to finish most of the questions within 2 hours, but there are a few questions I can't answer. Hopefully I can score in this. Bless me.. After that, I went home to take some clothes to take home, and then went to One-Stop with ah ma (Tze Yun) and AX to find the companies where we're going for practical training. Well, ours look ok, and hopefully I can get the chance to learn a bit bout Fengshui, because the one of the boss of Zenz Design owns a crystal and Fengshui shop situated next to it. Hoho!

Alright, gonna stop now. I still haven't finish finding pictures for Mok, and I need to wake up really early to go home. Yahooo~! Stop right here... Muax~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

UBBL examination tomorrow~

'Think of me, think of me fondly when you say goodbye...' It is lyrics from 'Think of Me' from Sarah Brightman, soundtrack from Phantom of The Opera. It was nothing actually, just a song I'm listening right now. I LOVE this song~

Whew, just finish posting up photos I took in T. Bowl Restaurant and during interview, later I'll post up those I took in War Museum. I just got them yesterday, and yesterday after VIZ class, I went to Starbucks with AiXing. It was about 7 by the time we arrive New World Park, and it was raining cats and dogs. Don't know what's wrong with the weather lately, one moment it was hot like fire, the next minute the wind is blowing so hard that people (me) felt like I'm going to fly away, but then I won't because seconds later, rain started to pour down. (纸沾到水飞不起来,我是纸片人

I went into Starbucks, ordered my drink (not my drink actually... my friend wanted ice blended green tea, and this week's promotion is if you buy ice blended green tea, you'll get another free ones, oOo yea! I need to pay for it anyway, but half price), and sat at a place beside the glass window, next to my favourite place, because someone sat there. The place was so cold that I can't feel my fingers after a while, and the we asked the waiter to switch off the air-cond and only by then we felt better. About 11pm, two guys who looks quite nerdy walked in and sat behind me. I heard them talking before they were closed to me! They can't stop talking about some lame online games and don't know... many things that connected to games very loudly. ARGH! I almost told them to shut up because this is not a mamak stall, and I don't care who asks you what game you're interested in, and who u won in whatever games after an hour, luckily the left the moment I turned around to face them. I stayed there till the shop was about to shut down, which is around 1 in the morning (and I thought Starbucks are opened 24-7). After that, I went home and started doing the bedroom I promised my friend, and then tried to study a bit, but I was too tired.

I woke up on 1:28pm this afternoon when I received a call from my parents, saying they were already on Penang Bridge. I quickly get up, washed up, packed some things that I need to stay over at my uncle's, and ran to and fro my college to pass up my portfolio. My parents left the car for my sister, and they're gone now, to Johor to find my another uncle. I miss them, but nevermind, I'm going to meet them on Friday, hehe~ Happy!

Ok larh, I need to sit for by law examination tomorrow afternoon, want to study a bit. Good luck for me!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So much for sleeping early

Alright, so much for sleeping early... This morning, my friend called me and asked me whether I want to take a trip to Langkawi. Since my parents agreed, and I'm always interested in islands and beaches, of course I promised! I went out with my friends in the evening, because they're sending me back to my place, so we can meet up easily early tomorrow morning and go to Langkawi. I got back from Queensbay on 6 something, went to have an early dinner at Old Town, and got back home on 7 something, and then I cleaned myself, packed up, read a novel for a while, and slept on 8:30pm. I planned to wake up on 5 in the morning to prepare myself, but then I received a call from my friend, telling me something about our trip, and since then my phone can't stop ringing. My parents kept on calling me to tell me Malaysia's Election results. They asked me not to go Langkawi in case a riot happen and we won't be able to come back, and asked me to come back to my uncle's place because BN supporters may start a fight with DAP or something.. incident like 513 rusuhan kaum will happen. Now, I won't be sleeping early because I can see my love, which is my beloved laptop, and I'm not going to Langkawi either. Great! 

Anyway, I went to War Museum yesterday. After presented my ID project and received my practical training letter, my classmates and I suddenly have the urge to go visit the War Museum at Bayan Lepas. I was in high spirits the moment I got there. Oh, I love being in natural surroundings and place full with heritage things! We started our tour after the reception's briefing by following the arrows on the floor. We walked and look around, nothing very very interesting, but then we walked through a metal door at the path side, realising ourselves were walking into a room where people during the war kept and made bomb (cool~)! After that, we went out of the room by crawling into a tunnel, then stand up and crawl a long stairs which is 90 degrees from the floor. My friend said he saw there's another path when he was half way on the exit on the stairs, but I don't know. It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too dark there, can't see a thing. We tried to capture the dark path using the camera, but we did not succeed, it's too small and too dark and too 90 degrees. 

There are two places where the big bomb and places for on duty officers to be on guard, and both of them have a big field to put the bomb thing. One of the bomb is not there, but the description wrote 'the shadow of the monster bomb' (or something), and the whole ground is painted black with the bombs and bomb shells shapes, and I can't imagine how big it is, I mean HUGE!!! Then, according to the map we get, we found a site at the very steep ground, which is more like a mountain. I walked down bare footed (I loved being bare footed!!) and walked up in my high heels, haha! It's just 'bout 8 inches actually, so it's not very high. =p Next, we went to the torture room, and YUCKS! The smell is really disgusting! Plus the tools and pictures, it freaks me out. There's also a place where girls being raped. My friend was yelling like nuts before I got there, and I just saw fake blood (fake like Sweeney Todd movie), but suddenly I saw hair, very messy hair, and I was startled. In the end I realised it was a fake model showing a raped girl (herself), pointing the place where she was raped. I was really scared by then. Anyway, I really enjoyed being there. There're still lots that I've seen, but couldn't possibly write in here, I spent more than 2 hours in there.

At night, I went for a movie with Ai Xing, my sister and cousin. We went to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles. Quite nice... It's the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now I want to watch Ah Long Pte. Ltd. and 10,000B.C.. Just waiting for the right time and I can download it. Haha!

Ok larh, gonna stop now, I've written enough today. Ta~