Friday, November 27, 2009


Hahahha! After Sabah trip I haven't been eating any seafood, until today!!!

I woke up this morning and found out that I might need to walk to work, while many people are celebrating either school holidays or Hari Raya Haji.. and I wasn't feeling very well too, and I felt like........... well, what I felt didn't really matter anymore, because about 8 in the morning I got a call and found out that boss 大发慈悲, so I didn't need to work.. woohoo~ After that, a friend called and ask me out, and we went to have seafood dinner at Pantai Bersih Ah Chong's Seafood Restaurant! Lalala~

We ordered fried mee 炒皇帝面, just because we think we need some proper food.. oh well, I don't really like it, cause I dont really like proper food XD, but it tasted okay..

and Thai Style Kappa 酸酐蒸 kappa.. very nice, very sour, hehehehhe.. and perfect for garlic lovers. I loathe garlic (uek...), but it tasted very good.

Then, Mantis Prawns 椒盐濑尿虾, one of my favourites.. but not very nice here, not spicy nor salty, and not even fried nicely.. I was imagining something like 奶油虾 or 麦片虾, but no.. and SO expensive!! RM80+ for 3 mantis prawns?!

Next, vege.. yum yum~ this tasted the best (I think).. 罗汉斋.. yummy!! My favourite broccolli~ plus some mushroom and abalone and 豆枝, love it!

Finally, today's main course.. salted egg crabs 咸蛋炒蟹.. there's no way to decribe how perfect the combination of salted egg and crabs.. too bad I'm still not feeling too well today and can't eat much.. argh!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

work lor...

1st day in a new company

1st day at work..

I'm dry.. eyes dry, brain dry, skin dry...

and i wish -- Coffee Bean / Dome / Starbucks have delivery service

Friday, November 6, 2009

3rd and Last Day in Sabah

Day 3 -- Beach Day~
We went to Mamutik Island, the smallest island that covers six hectares. The speed boat we took sped like crazy and so, we took only approximately 10 minutes to the island from mainland boat terminal, Jesselton Point.

Mamutik Island is a peaceful island with rich coral and marine life, and the sea is so clear that we didn't need to snorkel to see fishes! However, I went snorkelling in the end, since I'm already
on the island.. I can't describe how beautiful the underwater world is, I didn't need to snorkel far to see corals and marine life, and.. sadly, I can't use my camera to take pictures of that..

After snorkelling and swimming in the sea, buffet lunch was provided, and again.. lots of seafood~

We got back to mainland 2 afternoon because most of us are already tired. As my sister and I got back to the hotel and dumped everything in our room, we jumped into the swimming pool located on the basement, next to the gymnasium. The pool was not big but equipped with Jacuzzi, and since I didn't really feel like swimming, I sat there for body massage and enjoy being rained xD

Bout 6 in the evening, we went to Tanjung Aru Beach, a beach famed with its spectacular sunset. The beach is not as clean as Mamutik Island but still acceptable, at least better then PCB and Gurney Drive We sat down at a cafe and ordered some extremly overpriced drinks while waited for the sunset, but didn't get to see it, as clouds were too think that day. However, I got to enjoy watching angmos bathing in the sea.. woOooHoo~

* Nothing to see.. too much clouds, covered up the Sun.

While we were waiting for our tourist buses, we saw some workers dressed up in the Kadazandusun costumes. Don't know what their function were...

Ah~ A wonderful day with sun and beach and sea We went back the next day after going to the Sunday Market (nothing special, just their usual beads accessories and vegetables and fruits and.. some other things we always see in the markets) and taken our lunch.

-The End-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 2 @ Sabah

Day 2.. woke up bout 7 something, feeling cold, but the sky is already bright. After finished up my breakfast, I went out with my sister and took some photos of the Kinabalu Mount, then only we realized how beautiful the surroundings of the hotel is..

After that, we stil have some time, so we walked to the Kundasang War Memorial not too far away from our hotel. The War Memorial was built to remember the 2828 Australian and British prisoners who died during the Second World War at the Sandakan POW Camp also to remember 3 infamous forced death marches from Sandakan to Ranau.

Kundasang War Memorial, Sabah is a fort like memorial that was designed by a local architect J. C. Robinson. It has 4 interlocking but separate gardens to represent the homelands of the warriors who had died. There is an Australian Garden, a formal English garden of roses, a Borneo Garden with wild flowers of Kinabalu, and at the top level is the 'Comtemplation Garden' with a refection pool and pergola.

In the afternoon, the tour guides took us to Poring Hot Spring. Before dipping ourselves into the hot spring tub, we (me) were forced to go for canopy walk not very faraway from the hot spring spot. We need to went for a 8 to 15 minutes jungle trekking from the hot springs before getting up to the canopy walkway.. and although I'm afraid of height, YAHOO~ I'm able to finish the whole journey.. WHEEE~

After canopy walking, we went back to the hot springs spot, get changed and dipped ourselves into the hot spring tubs..

Next stop -- The Filipino Market. The market has a variety of Filipino and local handicrafts are sold in the hundreds of cramped stalls, along winding alleyways which are strung by low-slung curtains of shells, baskets and bags. However, what attracts me the most is their seafood.. there're so much stalls to choose from, and smells so good!

Finally, we got back to our hotel, name The Palace Hotel. The exterior of the builiding looks exactly like a palace.. I didn't take any photo of it, but it can be googled easily.. The hotel lobby looks.. well, modern.. and their hotel rooms are very minimalist.. however, the common bathroom located next to the hotel lounge is mesmerizing! Super Fiery RED

* sis is blending into the whole environment

That night, we took our dinner in Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market. While we were having our dinner, there were also Cultural Dance performed on stage.

To be continued again.. need to prepare for something else for tomorrow XD

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sabah Trip Day 1

Finally I got to go to the other half part of Malaysia!! My uncle held a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for his employees, and we got the chance to go there together, woohoo~!
We went there by plane, boarding from Senai Airport, Johore to Kinabalu Airport. I don't really like Senai Airport because we need to take JUST 3 MINUTES WALK to and fro the parking lot and airport due to their renovations that seems never-ending. Well, I didn't need 3 minutes, just 1 to 2 minutes.. hehe.. but because there's a board at each end of the pathway saying 'Just 3 Minutes Walk'.. and I'm always lazy, especially when I was carrying luggage.

The flight from Johore to Kota Kinabalu took about 2 hours, and so sis ordered Air Asia's fried rice which taste.. erm.. perfect only if you're starving XD; while I continued with my book. We also took some pics on plane, because 2 hours flight is a little bit.. boring, hee..

Finally, we arrived Kinabalu Airport which is surprisingly small.. well, just to me.. I thought Sabah is a very busy place.. and we were welcomed by our 2 tourists guides. We were then taken to a restaurant for lunch, and I was shocked when I got to know they have ordered 8 dishes and 1 big bowl of soup for us..

After lunch, they took us on a city tour of Kinabalu city, we then stop in front of the 30 storey Sabah Foundation Building. According to the tour guides, there's a revolving restaurant on the 18th floor, but then it would be very expensive.. hmn, I want to try to get up there and have a meal one day, when I have no money worries XD

After that, the 2 tour guides took us to try out their fruits -- Durian, mango and something called Talap. There're 2 kinds of Durians -- one with orange meat, taste very creamy, like Durian moouse; and the other one with long thorns, looks like sea urchin.. and the people there call it 流星槌.. but it taste almost the same with those normal Durians we eat in Peninsular Malaysia, just maybe.. the taste a little bit stronger.

Then the mango.. taste the same, only more textured, but the skin looked like rotten melon, and thicker, and bigger compared to those mangoes we saw here.

Well, as for Talap.. I don't know how to explain the taste.. sweet and sour, mommy says it tastes a little bit like nangka.. that I'm not sure, cause I never eat nangka, can't stand the smell.. but this fruit has no strong smell like durians or cempedak..

Next stop -- Power Station Road (动力火车路?)The Kinabalu Park. It is the entrance to Mount Kinabalu, but we just stop at the entrance to look around and take pictures.. I'm so NOT climbing this mountain.. There's a climbathon ranking board situated next to the entrance, showing names of superhumans who took less then 4 hours to run up and down this mountain. Anyway, the weather there is wonderful~ about 16 degree celcius when I was there, and the air.. incredibly fresh.. if I ignore the smoker next to me by then..

Oh! And not to forget the beautiful view there.. sadly, clouds covered up the peak of Mount Kinabalu, if not it would be perfect!

After that, we were taken to The Cottage Hotel, our hotel for our 1st night in Sabah. No surprises here.. not till when I saw our steamboat dinner. I was very very shocked when I saw the portion of food prepared for 8 people, especially the crabs! Ah~! Everyone can take more then 3 or 4 crabs and still have a few left.. but the shrimps are not fresh.. so eww..

to be continued...