Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya~

Selamat Hari Raya~!! And happy holiday~

Woke up 10 something in the morning, thinking I should update my blog, but.. as I was feeling warmer and warmer I suddenly realized that the electricity was cut off.. ARH!!!I woke up with a good mood in a beautiful holiday morning WITH NO ELECTRICITY?! GREAT..

Anyway, since there was no electricity and I didn't know where to go, and even if I go out there would be terrible traffic jam everywhere, I decided to stay home and continue sleeping, but till 2 or 3 in the evening I got up, still no idea where to go and what to do, I started to clean my room and found one of my favourite storybook -- The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham and start reading while continue sauna-ing in my room..

Oh well, get back to things I thought I was gonna upload this morning..Last Friday, I went to Kiss A Koyotei Cafe to have dinner, ate till very very full that night, hahahahahahha~ Oh, the satisfaction~

I had Ramen Kimuchi set that comes with 4 pieces of Futomaki, yum~ I didn't expect the Futomaki to taste so nice! I stuffed the whole thing into my mouth as I couldn't bite it into two, and found out.. every bite taste different.. first bite I tasted rice (normal); and then second bite.. something sweet; third bite sour, and then mixture of everything.. yummy~~ but I don't know what the fillings are, and why it is sweet and sour. I just know it's a little bit crunchy because of the cucumber.

My friend had Tempura set.. huge set with salad, cawanmushi, various tempura (salmon, maguro, shrimp, eggplant, potato, and some other things I can't remember), rice, fruits, and some marinated thing.. quite nice, as the tempura include shrimp tempura XD and of course my friend gave me one of her shrimps, hahahahha~

Besides, we also ordered Kimuchi and Siromaguro Sashimi, both taste really good, but I love the Kimuchi the most. The taste is just right.. spicy and sour and salty enough, and the vege still tasted fresh! Yummy~ I would definately order it if I ever go to the cafe again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

17092009 衰到... *beep*

一大早被闹钟吵醒.. 烦!

前一天和朋友去看电影,回到家冲凉收拾发呆,到要睡觉时就很迟了,所以不甘愿要起床。准备好全部东西还没到上班时间,我又倒在床上,打算多睡个五分钟也很爽,结果不睡还好,睡了更累!因为一睡着就发恶梦 *beep*

一进到公司就开始赶3D.. 讨厌!就因为client的一句‘我想要layout那边改一点东西’,就是他们的一点东西我连ceiling design和3D要重新想过画过,不过算了,我认了做designer的命。

就在我正在很努力的想ceiling何flooring design的时候,我的老板一直在耳边念我,做这个,拿那个,然后photostat,还有整理资料.. 还要填一个奇怪的form,如果我没搞错的话是建筑商要contractor填他们的一些资料,关我屁事?!一大叠纸,问题又怪怪的.. 没多久就问我这project什么时候可以做好。哎~ 没多久又来了Mr a Bao,叫我把全部图当天完成,然后email给他。就因为它的这句话我赶到8点多差不多9点才回家.. 可以讲我笨,我无所谓~ 但是因为他真的教了我很多东西,我就算了..

做着做着,一个年轻男生来敲公司的门,一开口就是‘姐姐,你好!’ Hello~ 我哪里像你姐姐?哥哥,你的样子也没有很年轻喂~ 哦!他是来讨钱的.. 好听一点是来寻找热心人士捐助,帮助一位可怜的患病孩童,whatever.. 然后又企图跟我闲聊,问我的老板是不是我的老公。老公?!这个男生真的.. 没眼光,怎样看我的老板都不会是我的老伴啊!*beep*

当天原本答应了姐姐和一些朋友一起吃大餐,结果咧.. 因为要加班泡汤了.. 他们自己去吃喝玩乐.. 鬼不知道‘长命功夫长命做’,但是.. 因为鬼就是没有命了,而很多人都讲我象鬼,所以.. 反正也要走了,就赶给他完啦!免得被我老板在外面唱衰..

赶图的当儿,竟然让我看到衰人!就是那个我很讨厌的client.. 也算了,讲太多好象我很记仇酱.. 只是他还来敲我的门!还要跟我聊天,问我记得他是谁吗?可以的话我也不想记得好不好.. 偏偏我的记性总是用在错的地方 *beep*
终于让我赶完所有的东西然后send给a Bao了,朋友竟然跟我讲外面下着大雨!我真的是晴天霹雳啊!!为什么会下大雨?*beep* 哎~ 所以我就下楼,到Sam Hui Cafe去打包鲍鱼蒸饭,当慰劳自己一下.. 饿了一整天,一粒灰尘都没有吃到.. 原本的丰盛晚餐时间变成加班赶工时间,又多饿了三个小时。打包完走路回家虽然是撑伞,但是也就只有头顶没湿,象一只一直不肯把头浸进汤的落汤鸡。

终于回到apartment楼下,发现一个电梯竟然坏了,所以要等电梯到超慢的。那时候竟然有一只kachuak小强一直对我‘甲’视眈眈,企图对我发出攻击,而我节节后退,不想以大欺小,还好就在它快踏入我的安全范围时电梯到了,呼~ 立刻冲进电梯,终于安全抵达家门!

当天唯一庆幸的是晚餐真的很不错。RM15的套餐,有咸鱼加鲍鱼蒸饭、不新鲜的苹果(应该是因为我冲凉太久了)、salad、粉丝汤(假鱼翅)、Iced Lemon Tea,然后不加Tax!原本还在想RM15会不会有点贵,吃完了就觉得值得,至少心情没有太烂了..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

nothing to do with 911

i am F R E E~

Finally, after a week working like a cow i am free, woohoo~!! Oh well, not like a cow, just dream less and work more. Yesterday after finish rushing and passing up everything to the.. erm.. carpenter?? (don't know who he is, just know he's a friend of my boss who call himself a Bao and he's in charge of this project, don't even know why I need to do work for him too, but since i learnt quite a lot from him, I'll just keep quiet).. after passing up everything to him it was already 5 something, and since then I wished very hard yesterday was friday already.. but of course my wish didn't come true.. duh.. Today Mr a Bao will go for presentation, and hope everything would be ok, and that I don't need to do much amendments, wheeeeeeeeee~

Now just left some empty plans to draft, and I am sooooo lazy to do anything right now, except lying on my bed and day dream.. not facing this architecture drawings, trying to understand why a 5500mm gate opening is using 4500mm gate? Why want to build a three storey building and left the second floor empty? Also, kinda pity this family.. because there's only one bathroom on the first floor, but there's 5 bedrooms! Pity, hope no one gets diarrhea.. touchwood.. don't want to say anything bad today, since it's not a good day..

Alright, I'll just get back to work, thinking why the 5500mm opening is using 4500mm gate.. ^^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bravo's Cafe

Ah! Satisfaction~

Went to a fusion restaurant @ Jalan Chow Thye for dinner just now, called Bravo's Cafe. From outside it looked like a Thai Restaurant, and the signboard printed Bravo Cafe -- Authentic Thai, Nyonya and Local Cuisine; while the interior is very.. Chinese..? Well, like one of those old houses.. and certainly smell like my grandmother's house. The moment I stepped in I was attracted by it's black signboard with golden writings -- 香味, meaning fragrance, and then I was amazed by it's ratten stools and chairs.. my response was.. wow! Ratten~!! I haven't been seeing these furniture for some time.

The other thing that attracts me is the songs played by the owner of restaurant. Those songs are.. erm.. country oldies? Some songs like Moon River are playing while we're eating, so the whole environment is very very very fusion.

After scanning through the menu, my sister and I ordered stuffed crab 蟹有乾坤 as appetizer; main dishes -- my favourite fried kailan and red wine and ginger chicken soup; and jelly lychee as dessert (I skipped this, as I never like desserts). These dishes taste like.. home.. yum yum~~ Reminds me of my grams and mommy's cooking, because few weeks ago I was just telling my mom I missed stuffed crabs a lot, muahahahhaha!

Well, that's all for tonight's dinner. Though it's a little bit expensive (RM40.50 for tonight's dishes), but I'm quite happy with it, woohoo~ Now I feel like cookie monster who just finish eating a whole jug of freshly baked cookies ^^