Friday, February 29, 2008

AR!! Week 8 coming!

Just got back from my place, and it's already one in the morning. I went shopping with Wei Wei after class, because our interview is coming, which is on Thursday, and we need formal clothes. I spent RM50 for just a black shirt (the shopkeeper gave us RM9.90 discount because it was the last shirt in black), but at least cheaper than my pants, which is over 100, =p No one can blame me~ There aren't much choices for my size. AND we bought the same shirt, she took M and I took S. After that we went back to my place and take pictures to put into our CV (everything's last minute).

This morning, my classmates and I went to the place where we always have brunch and ordered the same thing from the same aunty, and in the end we got 'sharkfin soup'! Haha! Of course it was not real sharkfin, but it makes us happy enough. ^^ I think the guys didn't get to drink it, because they went back early, and kept on complaining after that. =p Though her rice are a bit expensive, but we always go back to her, because she's such a nice lady... but her husband looks like my previous lecturer (at least that was what I think), his name is Apo who taught me Pengajian Malaysia, boring and meaningless class.

Ah! Week 8 coming! I still haven't done with my model making, and though I hate to admit it, there are still lots to be done, and I need to pass up during the interview on Thursday. ID presentation is on the next day , and then term break... (i'm not using '!' or '~' BECAUSE I can't go home) The coming week, I need to attend 2 days of AutoVIZ class and sit for UBBL examination on Thursday. I planned to go back on the 12th, and I already booked my flight back. Oh well, RM80 was wasted to change my flight date. Honestly, if it's just UBBL class and NOT exam, I will just skip and go home. In the end, I just have 3 days break... Oooh my! I almost forgot I have to pass up my 2 perspectives of my furniture design in a retail on Monday and UBBL assignment on Thursday, great..

3 days break, and back to Penang again, this time.. practical training. I've to go to this company which is opened by my senior and also a friend of my aunty for training. It's name is 'ZEN DESIGN', hopefully it's not everything bout Zen, I will die there. Ah! I need to get off from Penang. It's so damn stressful here.

Alright, I can hold my eyes no more, too tired. Sleep first! Good night.. Muax~

Monday, February 25, 2008



It’s already the 7th week of 5th semester! There are so many things to be done. The model making is complicated enough to drive me CRAZY! Now I believe, bad things do happen at bad times. Something happened that makes my mood goes from bad to the worst, though no one would have believe it will affect me that much (even myself), but I must say, when all these troublesome things come all together, you’d think this world sucks! (I’m not gonna tell what had happened, so don’t bother to ask..) Believe it or not, my mood has never been that bad since.. last year if I’m correct (or I always choose to remember the good part of everything, so I forgot when I feel like a shit.)

Oh well, besides the stupid incident and datelines, there aren’t anything much that happened, but those are enough to make me feel so damn stressful. (I know I’m rude, I even talk to people rudely, but I just can’t control myself now. ) Today I got to know my results for Moral, and I just got a B or B+, I’m not sure. That’s not good, I’ve to work harder in order to get an A for that subject. It sounds stupid? Yea right, but I promised myself I’ve to try me best in every single subject. Last semester’s results was really too disappointing, I can’t afford to let myself drop anymore. I’M A KIASU~ =P

There isn’t any class in the morning, but I have to go to duty, and AutoVIZ class is cancelled because the lecturer is going to a meeting or seminar or something and won’t be back till Wednesday. Good news? Hmn, not really, because I won’t be able to get home and do my work. After ID class, I still need to go to Queensbay to measure the site for our exhibition with a friend. I think I wrote that I didn’t get any post in the graduation committee, ah! This is a last minute. Why this always happen to me? I got the post for Assistant Space Planning, or something similar. It is to go to the site where we’re going to hold our exhibition to measure how big the place is, and then we need to plan how to locate 45 graduates plus visitorssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss into the space. Honestly, I HATE having our exhibition at shopping malls, it’s right that we will be able to attract more people BUT I’m really worried about the outcome of my work and the most important thing is.. We won’t be able to protect our things all the time, and there will be laptops, artwork, models and many many precious things. I really don’t understand WHY GM students insist on having our exhibition there. They’re lucky that we didn’t find any other place that is bigger and cheaper and air-conditioned and safer, huh! The place in QB is so small, I doubt we can locate 45 graduates and artwork in perfectly, but if we can’t it shows that ID department is not good in their field ‘pulok’... Aih, let’s see what will happen after that.

TODAY! I broke (patah menjadi dua[2]) my earphone, and then received a call telling me I have to go to PISA to help out in the education fair this weekend. Yea right, I’m so free that I don’t mind wasting my time there. Hell! It’s the busiest and most crucial week and they’re telling me to go to waste my whole day there?!

Anyway, as I always say, surely there will be good things that happen if you don’t focus on the dark side of life. Haha! I found myself a sponsor~ Alright, not sure yet, but.. If he dares to cheat me I’ll ignore him for the rest of my life. I promised to design his room, and he’ll sponsor me at least RM100, but even if he just donate RM20 I’d be grateful. Besides, my lecturer let me to go to my aunty’s friend company to do my practical training. Well, that isn’t exactly good news, but it’s not anything bad right? And I’m not so scared going to a place with people I know. The company is called ZEN DESIGN, hopefully I can learn lots there. ^^

Oh, I went to a concept restaurant called T.bowl newly opened in QB with my sister and cousin on Saturday. It should make me feel like I’m in a big bathroom, but somehow… I don’t know, I don’t think the design is good enough. However, I had a whale of time there, letting go of my worries for a while makes me feel refreshed. I took lots of photos there, but I still don’t have the time to edit yet, so I think I’ll just post it next time. As a matter of fact, I should stop all these crap now, ta! (At least writing all these out relief stress~)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not in mood...

Dissapointing! I planned to watch Jumper or Meet the Spartans today, but in the end I watch none of them, because I'm 30 minutes late. However, I met Zee Loon in Gurney Plaza, and ate my mint ice-cream, which I've been wanting to eat for a long time. =)

My big black toe looks like it's recovering rapidly, and I do feel the same, just that it still hurts without touching it, and
it's black! Gerli~~~ Besides, I hurt my leg too because I was trying not to use that toe to walk, and the consequences is hurt my leg, but still it doesn't hurt much, and will be ok in no time, so.. no worries~ ^^

Oh yea, classes were cancelled today, because many people say they want to 拜天公. I never know this kind of events exists before I came to Penang. Honestly, there are so many events in Penang that people want to go 拜拜 (no offense). There were chinese who went to pray during Thaipusam, I don't understand..

Stomachache + headache... Don't know what happen too. Sleep now,
night~ XOXO

Monday, February 11, 2008

First time

First time in this term, I skipped my duty at library this morning, but with a good reason (at least I think it’s good enough). I woke up early in the morning with a bad headache, sore throat, and of
course an empty stomach (I’m always hungry =p), that was when I decided to skip my duty and slept again. Hee.. I woke up again on 11am, and realised my lower lip bleeds, and upper lip chapped very badly. This is what happens to my upper lip everytime I had flu, because it tilts.

After taking brunch, I started to do space planning for my project, and almost forgot to go to class. =p Interior design class is on 1:30pm, and it’s 1:27pm when I suddenly remember I’ve a class to attend. I’m always blur, but I don’t know what happened to me, this is the first time I FORGOT I’ve class to attend. When I was packing up rapidly, I overturned the water boiler filled with water on the printer, but I think the printer is OK, since water didn’t go into the machine. The moment I rushed into class, I saw my some of my classmates standing around the lecturer at the back of the class, staring at a laptop. Guess what they’re doing? They’re looking at Edison’s pictures. Those who were not looking were either discussing ‘bout it or trying to open the website on their own
laptop. But then, I’m one of them, who are very nosy, hee.. I know these artistes private life are none of my business, but.. I admit I’m busybody!! ^^


After attending AutoVIZ class, I left my classmates who wanted to go to someone’s house to gamble or something (mainly because I don’t know how to gamble, and secondly I’m not feeling well), and went straight home. When I was carrying the full water boiler, I almost slipped and I SPRAINED MY TOE!!! The floor was quite wet by then, and my right foot slipped, my first instinct was to balance myself by using my left foot to stand still, that was when I kicked on the 50mm step up from the kitchen to living area. At the very moment, besides the sound of water sprung out from the water boiler (‘plooop’), I can swear I heard my bone made a sound – ‘kruack’. Now my big toe swells very badly, and I can’t even walk properly. =( I just hope it is really just a sprain, and that I didn’t hurt my bone or something more serious. Bless me.. 阿弥陀佛.. This is also the first time I sprained any part of my body so badly.

Oh yea, I heard that this year, which is the year of Mice is a good year for Dragons, especially for those who are involved in arts. Haha! I’m a Dragon. Besides, year 2008 is also good for a Taurus. I
don’t remember what’s so good ‘bout being a Taurus, but my cousin says it’s something ‘bout love life. 桃花运 if not wrong, but I think it’s more like 一坨坨、一堆堆的烂桃花,当肥料比较好。Well, I never really believe in this kind of forecasts, but still, if it’s good I’ll choose to believe, since I lose nothing for believing it, and I’ll be happy, because I’m blessed with happiness and lots of luck everyday.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Today is already the sixth day
of CNY, time to chase away holiday mood and get back to work.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Oh! No one comes to class!

There's only six people who come to class today, and one comes after breakfast, which means before 10:30am, there was only five persons. Now, left four, one went home, and the other one..
smoking, perhaps.

Two days of travelling long distance by car makes me sick. I've a slight fever and flu since last night, and I think the 'package' (which Jo El told me) is attacking. Plus, with the disgusting fried
rice I ate just now, I feel like vomitting now. My troat is so sore, and a bit headache. Besides, today's class will continue till 7 night, makes me feel worse. However, there're lots of things I
haven't done, and it's already the fifth week of this term! OMG!!!

Just now my classmate asks me how am I going to celebrate Valentine's Day few days later, and.. haha! Where am I going to find a lover to celebrate with? Ah! Forget 'bout it and just concentrate on my assignments, that'll be the best way to get through the day. As my mom says, Valentine's is just any ordinary day but a chance for business people to earn money. =p

Good luck to me today. I believe everyday is a good day if I'm optimistic, ho0oo.. Stop here, I want to kacau other people, hee..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy chinese new year!

Finally, my chinese new year holidays come to an end. I didn't go anywhere when I got back to my hometown, just visited some Kelantan's famous places to take photos for my project, and met
Siang and Peow at the night before I left there. Siang's boyfriend didn't made it because he already promised his friends, but three of us had a nice time together too! One day before new year eve, I
went to Johor Bahru, where my beloved grandma and most of my relatives stay. On the first day of chinese new year, I went to watch Stephen Chow's CJ7. Oh well, the movie is quite dissapointing, though the kid in the movie acted nicely, and CJ7 (the dog) is very cute! I went to Aeon Tebrau City's Jusco, which is located a stone's throw away from my uncle's house with my cousins and sister. The minute we arrive near the cinema, we saw lots of people queued up outside and we thought they were buying Baskin Robin's ice cream! It's 5 minutes later only I realised the queue is from the cinema! So, we decided to book the tickets through phone, and it took us 15 to 20 minutes to connect to the line, and waited for another 10 minutes for the operator to pick up
the phone. Ah!

Second day of new year, I went shopping with my sister, then at night, watch Jay's Kung Fu Dunk. Ah! I'm in love with 陈柏霖 and Baron Chen. They're too good looking! In my opinion, Kung Fu Dunk is a better movie than CJ7 (no offense), or maybe because I like basketballmatch, hee..

Ah, gonna sleep first. Class starts tomorrow morning, and I want to go back to clean my room because I'll be back late in the evening.
That's it for now, bye~