Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last 3~ -- Black Friday!

Yes! I finally bought the Roxy bag I'm in love with~ Thanks to mommy for the money, and WeiWei for asking me out.

There are 3 colors for the bag I want, and all 3 colors left only the last one, which is the display, and I grabbed the black one almost immediately. Whew~ Lucky me.. So happy~ I'll post the picture tomorrow.. Not free now.

The past Friday was really a Black Friday. BLACK.. I went out to meet a client, and before that I went to meet WeiWei first, cause.. as everybody knows, I'm very scared of the traffic, so I went to find her and planned to ask her to drive. The first thing that came in mind when I saw her, ShuPyn and their colleague was 'Did they just went to a funeral?' Because all of them are wearing black! I mean BLACK + BLACK + BLACK, besides their colleague who wears black
+ brown + black. On the way to Dato' Kramat, my car's temperature suddenly rose to high, and we could smell something burning, and what's worse is.. TRAFFIC JAM!!! Luckily, we were about to arrive to our destination, and it was not me (the unexperienced driver) who was driving, and I have companions. We stopped the car in front of the owner's shop and waited for him and also the car to cool down. Next, we waited for more then an hour for the owner to get there. He claimed that he was stuck in an car accident which happened just in front of him.

Alright, gonna get back to work now. Don't know why the render goes so slow just now.. Continue again..

Thursday, March 12, 2009


我身边的朋友都知道,每一次要我驾车我都会紧张的要命,尤其是要我去一些我不太熟悉的地方,我就要做好心理建设。昨晚原本约了一个人,要去看他要我设计的店面,930晚上在他的店里。我一整天都紧张的要命,再加上前天工作时间去看了一栋洋房,在北海,很累,然后晚上约了朋友吃火锅,回到家冲好凉等头发干已经蛮迟了,所以昨天其实精神没有很好。但基于顾客第一的原则,他约了我,我一定要到的嘛!所以昨晚923晚上我到了他店外面等他,等到931,听完了So Yesterday后,就打电话通知他我到了。结果咧,他又再度放我飞机!第一次就是前晚,吃完火锅要去见他,他就说有事,不如换昨天。好吧!就换作昨天!然后昨晚,我在约好的时间地点打电话给他的时候,他说已经发简讯通知我他人还在北海。哇咧!那封简讯我到现在都还没收到!庆幸的是,昨晚路上车不会太多,还遇到很好心的红色MyVi让路给我,因为我在红绿灯停错路了,那个人好好哦!感恩啊!可能就是因为这样,我都没有发脾气,难得~


前天大概早上10点多,我就剩下那些橱柜,要左割右割前割后割,要看它们的.. 内在,还有替他们选材料。但既然我的设计都还没给老板过目,做错了不就白做?所以我就开始翻杂志,看材料,装忙。就在我在装忙装得不亦乐乎的时候,Corrington的人来收钱了!老板也跟着回来,然后说要带我去北海看屋子。还好,不然都没有东西做。11点多就开车到北海,然后找老板的朋友一起吃午餐。他请我们吃(据说是)北海最出名的咖喱鱼头。我是觉得还好啦!还是婆婆的咖喱鸡比较好吃~ 也有可能是因为我吃海鲜很挑剔,所以觉得‘麻麻地’啦!噢,那个请我们吃饭的那个人,也是我朋友的老板,他看起来好像好好人,有慈父的感觉,但他很奇怪。自己有很多设计师,为什么自己的弟弟要设计屋子还要找别人?怪怪的。听说他们又去找过.. 嗯,不要讲名,就Midlands其中一间室内设计公司帮他们设计和监工而已,要收他们几十千

还有,也是前天的事。约了朋友去吃火锅嘛,但因为我一整天去了site,觉得全身脏脏的,所以一放工,趁朋友还没来的时候我就重回家mandi kerbau和换衣,然后朋友一打电话给我,我就冒雨跑回Midlands去等她。照理来说,我样子应该很狼狈,但是有个Haji.. 注意,是 Haji 哦!偷看还好,它是立刻,毫不掩饰的站在我面前看着我!拜托,uncle,你的白帽子白戴的厚!怎么会有这样的人?我还有穿外套的耶!而且,那时候我的朋友刚好来载我了,我上了车他还在看,是有什么好看啊?!早知道就把他踢下楼梯,哼!


Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesh! Finally got the time to start blogging again. I've finish almost everything I'm supposed to do in office -- designs, 2D plannings, clerk work, and even cleaning (well, a little bit), what's left are things I don't know how to continue, like choosing materials for the confirmed designs (Urgh, those paint samples smells like.. burnt plastic).. yada yada.. Oh! I even finish checking my hotmail, those forwarded and personal e-mails from friends are finally read by me, but I haven't reply, cause I decided that blogging is much fun, hehe~

Just now a not-so-close friend, who's working next door introduces a freelance job to me, woohoo~ Not sure yet, but I'll have to try anyway, I need money!! My Roxy bag~ and sis's birthday, and SzeWei's birthday, and my birthday, all need money.. and since I can't save money, I'll have to find ways to earn it!

Really don't know what to do now.. I've already redo the main areas of the house I last designed, because the first ideas, which I finished it in a hurry didn't satisfy me, and since I'm free I've redo everything -- changed the designs, amended the lightings.. Now, I'm facing inner conflict -- don't want my boss to be back so I don't have to see his face, but on the other hand I need him to be back so I can ask him bout things I need to know. Oh! And where's the person from Corrington?? Called in the morning to send a person here to get their cheque, but not here yet, don't let me see their people rushing here when I'm going to close the roller shutter.

This Saturday I'm going to see the Botak -- Eric Leong. He held a workshop that cost me RM15 to be in, hope it will be fun and educating, if not I'd be wasting my time and money to look at his bald head. My mom would be back to Penang by that day too I think, didn't ask her the exact date.

My former boss (boss during my practical training) kept on finding me to 'introduce' me some
good stuff..
He said his full time job is selling insurance, and part time job would be interior designing. Believe it or not,
he's also my present boss's former boss. Their firms are just opposite to each other's. Well, this ex-boss of mine.. first he introduces me to be a member of Hong Leong Assurance, and took away my lunch time plus another 40 minutes. Next, he told me it's
SO good to buy a saving plan, what's RM200 for a month? Nothing!
But if you buy a saving plan from now on, it will be a few ten thousands after 10 years or so.. and so on~ There's more! His friend introduces him a package of direct selling skin products, and he came to introduce it to me again.. He's a nice man, willing to teach, friendly... but oh please, I'm just a fresh graduate who earn just enough to survive, why sell these things to me, ish..