Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presents!! Presents!!!~

Thanks guys!! I love the chocolates from Langkawi.. I've tried the Beryl's Almond, and it tastes.. mmMMmm~~

OH!! and also those 2 cute Mighty Muggs!! Mark IV and War Machine Baby Iron Man Models!!!~ HHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHA!!!!!

Thanks sis for buying me a Levi's bag, bwahahhahhahahahhahah!! Though in the end I spent the same amount of money buying other things for her..

Daddy, Mommy!!! A new laptop~~ will arrive in 2 weeks to replace my old spoilt one

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



刚过的星期天,当我们赶完工,做完presentation后,老板突然call齐我们,去小云顶吃泰餐。 OK咯,食物就酱酱咯,但是风景很美!吃完了我们还去等日落。


Thursday, May 6, 2010

拜托拜托 求神拜佛


拖了很久的site work总算到达尾声了,希望不要再有什么问题了。

求神拜佛.. 让一切顺顺利利啦!!Contractor不要再乱乱乱,client不要再鸡蛋里挑骨头!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hiak!! Good day

Great morning!!~

1st - today no site work!! YahooOOooo~~

2nd - I got outta my apartment 15 seconds earlier today, and that super duper slow PDS6768 was 15 seconds later than me, and so I don't need to follow her slowly

3rd - not much 'fruits' and bird shit fell onto my car last night, and so my car is still.. well.. dirty, but at least not covered in pee and shit

Today must be a good day.. bless me!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2!!! yaHoOoo~

Yay!!~ I've watched IRON MAN 2!!

Downey.. Iron Man Hehehehhe..

Who wanna watch it again?? I'm willing to!! But i would like to watch Ip Man 2 1st..


Shyt!! My laptop screen is spoilt for a few days and I haven't get it fixed..

And to those who IM me / ask me to check on things / help to do something for the past few days, I'm sorry.. I can't do anything with the screen jumping up and down crazily.

Oh, thanks sis, for your netbook.. whew~ it's a HUGE relief to have a laptop that can function normally..