Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebration of my resignation~

Yay! Finally got to online~ home is heaven but there's no internet..

After finishing my work in my old company and before I got back to my hometown, which was 3 weeks ago, I went to celebrate with my friends.. 1st night I went to have crabs.. crabbie~

Next~ (I'm lazy to describe.. too long d..) 2nd night, I went to celebrate with another group of friends.. we went to Obake-Ya.

It's a Japanese Restaurant in Jail located at Leith Street, next to EAA.. took their buffet dinner.. quite worth it, since I eat a lot and the food is ok, but didn't really enjoy myself because we were there late, and the restaurant owner wants us to finish everything before 10pm, if not we'll be charged for food wastage.. duh.. still, it's quite an experience eating there..