Thursday, September 16, 2010

My sassy girlfriend 我的野蛮女友

A friend of mine told me these things his ex-girlfriend told her. I've got his approval, so I'm not really gossiping bout others

Some of them are classics, no matter how crazy and sassy I am, I've never thought of these..

Number 1   Choose me or your family, you can't have both.

Number 2   If you don't do (something), then it's time for us to break up! / why do I need a boyfriend??

Number 3   I'm never wrong, and even if I'm wrong you should solve the problem for me.

Number 4   I've never FORCED you to do (something unreasonable [though she did]), so don't blame me and regret after you did it.

Number 5   I go die!!! [after some arguement]

Number 6   You find it hard to apologize?! It's much harder for me to accept your apology!!

Number 7   You cannot go back to hometown, your home is with me!

Number 8   Which is more important, trip or me?! [my friend is the director/organizer of a trip]

Number 9   I hate the person, so you MUST hate him as well.

Number 10 Do my homework!

Number 11 Pay my car rental.

Number 12 If I need to pay for (things), why do I need a boyfriend?

There's still A WHOLE LOT that he thinks doesn't make much sense, but I'm trying to think from her shoes.. ehem, still unreasonable, but acceptable..

So, I'm sassy?? Think again..