Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Kind of Boy

If you're a guy - post this as my kind of girl.
if you're a girl - post it as my kind of boy.

p/s - i'm doing this cuz i've no mood to work, and then saw this...

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
preferably, but if not i don't mind too

2. Smart?
smarter than me

3. Preferred age?
21 till... 29? or 28..

4. Preferred height?

5. How about sense of humor?

6. How about piercings?
err.. where?

7. Accepts you for who you are?

8. Pink hair?
uh..  lala?! eww.. but if it's nice on him, why not?

9. Mushy or no?.

10. Thin or fat?
average larh..

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?

preferably asian.. brownish yellow

12. Long hair or short hair?
not too long.. short better

13. Plastic or metal?

14. Smells good?
hehehe, yes for sure

15. Smoker?
uh.. if he is i'll nag till he quits, or at least try to quit

16. Drinker?
not too much

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
hmn, not bad..

18. Muscular?
a lil bit

19. Plays piano?
wow, would be attractive.. but all those guys i know that play well are mostly jerks

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
woohoo~ i love guys who can play guitar well!

21. Plays violin?
not much feeling towards violin..

22. Sings very good?
that's sweet

23. Vain?
ugh.. kill me, i need guys that can cook and do all the housework for me

24. With glasses?

25. With braces?
ugh.. depends

26. Shy type?
not too shy

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
somewhere in the middle..

28. Active or passive?

29. Tight or bomb?
what's that?

30. Singer or dancer?
both! but depends on what dance..

31. stunner?
oh well, depends

32. Hiphop?
hmn.. ok

33. Earrings?
don't mind

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-until-you-drop?
no.. not really

35. Dimples?

36. Bookworm?
oh my, please.. no nerds, but if he just likes to read storybooks, yayayayaya~

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
oOoo, ok

38. Playful?

39. Flirt?

40. Poem writer?
shakespears? sweet! shall i compare thee to a summer's day~

41. serious?
while he's working.. oo, attractive~

42. Campus crush?
would be sweet, but i'm outta campus d

43. Painter?

44. Religious?
hmn, mom says better not / same with mine

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
not too much, but i don't mind him being 'sampat'

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
say NO to geeks and freaks!

47. Speaks 20 languages?
not bad, but no use if the 20 languages doesn't include mandarin..

48. Loyal or faithful?
definately both

49. good kisser?
sure i hope so

50. loves children?
that's for sure

Friday, July 24, 2009


今天睡了一天,心情好好!虽然刚才醒来的时候觉得全身都干枯了,很难受,但真难得让我睡得那么熟,如果有下雨就真的是perfect了!明天又是让我睡觉,完美的一天!哈哈哈~ 今天放工迟了,做到差不多3点。一方面是不想回家替我屋主等不懂什么人搬什么烂钢琴,一方面是想要完成一些3D,但是last minute懒惰等render,所以就先溜了。回到家里吃了一点东西就倒头大睡,超爽!

昨天又去了MaaRoy吃晚餐,发生了一些让我不太爽的事情,但是.. 算了,想想也没什么,我发誓我没在生气也没在介意啦!真的,没事了。昨天叫了一样新的食物,它有在menu上很久了,但一直都没有注意到,叫Prawn Cakes。其实应该就是虾丸啦!味道很.. 虾。配饭没那么好吃,反而当零嘴超好吃的,因为当时我饱了,所以打包回家当宵夜。

另外一个不小心让我看到有新的饮料,叫Punch,好像喝完可以打扁人,令我好想来一杯,但原来是Fruit Punch,切~ 蛮好喝的啦,酸酸甜甜,是我喜欢的味道,但是不用担心,还没到我非常喜欢的变态酸度,正常人还可以喝。

回到家里,开始吃东西时就开始看我猜。我的妈!笑翻了我。那有名的慧慈网路爆红人物的单元,他真的太妙了啦!之前就有听朋友提起这号人物,但是真的看时就.. 笑到没力。我第一次看到宪哥在我猜不需要做多余的效果,整场已经够热闹了。


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moody.. Tsunami

Rumors said that Tsunami is going to hit Penang today. Oh well, it haven't happened.. Of course, not that I wanted it to happen, but.. I'm scared of death, and I'm staying in a place surounded by sea, so I googled '22.07.2009 Tsunami', results are.. but there are really articles that support the theory that says Tsunami may happened from 22nd July to 30th July. There's nothing we can do too, so just.. wait.. and pray.. whatever..

Yesterday I had dinner twice, but both times didn't eat much, because with my sensitive tooth and ulcer I didn't really had much appetite left. First dinner, I went out with a friend, didn't see and talk properly with her for some time, so after knocking off we met and had dinner together. My sis met me after that and said she was hungry, so we went to Manhattan Fish Market to have dinner with her, because I have a voucher.. don't even ask me why I have so many unused vouchers.. everyone is so used to give me vouchers they don't bother to keep, and now I still have a RM5 Manhattan Fish Maket voucher, lots of RM10 Seoul Garden and Breeks cafe voucher, and an A4 sized brochure with 11 kinds of food which are discounted at selected KL Wong Kok Kitchen.

Anyway, we got to Manhattan Fish Market, and my sister ordered their promotion item -- the spicy fish and chips, taste okay.. and I ordered the salmon chowder. I always wanted to try clam/seafood chowder, but everytime I went there they're cooking salmon chowder.. Of course I don't go there often, they charge so expensive.. but everytime I went there and ordered clam chowder they would say 'sorry, no chowder today' or 'oh, we're cooking salmon chowder today'. Duh.. I'm kinda afraid of the smell of cooked salmon, it smelled like.. something dead, but the chowder they made are quite nice, and the smell is bareable, so I ordered it anyway.

Kinda moody the whole day.. No mood to start the new project, but need to start tomorrow.. I don't know what my boss is thinking.. He asked me '你敢打电话给Maggie(client)吗' 什么叫我敢不敢?难道我讲我不敢就不用做?神经病.. Ugh.. go to find someone to kacau, or else continue watching my stupid series

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

昨天傍晚,约乐WeiWei, YM, ES 和Gaven去了一年一度的Bon Odori庆典。说是一年一度,就是每年都一样的东西啦!一样的地点,一样的表演,但大家都没有在在乎这些,纯粹就是要去凑热闹,顺便聚一聚而已。

六点开始,等到大家到齐了,就开始在人群中穿梭... 挤得跟什么一样,就为了买晚餐,呼~

买好了就席地而坐,开始大嗑!但说真的,我好像没什么吃到东西,胃口好像不太好,有点怪.. 糟!讲到我现在肚子饿了。


终于等到10点了!放烟花咯!一观赏完烟花秀,我们就喷出会场,企图赶快离开那个地方,怎知还是在那里塞了差不多一个小时的车。真庆幸驾车的不是我~ 因为塞车还好,但是越塞车就遇到越多变态的驾车人士,而我害怕的正是这些变态的、乱乱来的人。塞完了车我们就一路开往我家附近的 Island Red Cafe 去Yam Cha,然后就回家了。


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

home sweet home ^^

Finally~ I've got a chance to go home! Previous Saturday was Penang Governer's Birthday, and I took a chance to go back to my beloved hometown.. Ooh, I felt that I've never left there before, everything was still so familiar..

Some friends came back from overseas when I got back, and I've met some of them. Most of them L O V E to start the conversation with.. 'your boyfriend..?' I just hate it.. Believe it or not, I don't have a boyfriend.. yet =p Anyway, most of the time we were happy gossiping~ Almost everyone are still the same, just one that I felt that had change a lot since I last meet him.. it's bout 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken. Physically he's still the same, but his personality.. hmn, I don't know what's different with him, but somehow just felt different.. friendlier? more laid back? I don't know, doesn't really matter too.

Hmn, Kelantan is still Kelantan, Kota Bharu is also still Kota Bharu, drivers still drive like the traffic lights will never turn red, people still cross the street like they're walking by the beach.. my bed still feels and smells the same, Thai food are still nice, mommy's food are still the best.. nothing changed. I think the only thing that changed is people who're staying there.. many friends left, and some got a few size bigger since I last meet them, wuahaha! Daddy said I'm fat... Oh well, he didn't exactly say I'm fat.. He said I looked thin, but very 'meaty' = fat, but I think people will hate me if I say I want to keep fit xD

Should be writing this the day before yesterday, when I got back to Penang, but lazy.. hehe.. plus trying to finish some work, and yesterday and today I was still trying to finish up all those leftover and so-called urgent work. Luckily almost done all by today ^^

Ah! Almost forgot I've something else to do.. Continue next time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers fever~!

Yea yea~ I finally got to watch Transformers! Thanks a lot to ES who booked the tickets for us few days earlier. Totally in love with the movie now, anyone who want to watch it again or haven't watch can ask me, I'm so very willing to watch it again!

Hmn, so tired now.. Slept late last night, woke up early this morning to send my sis to Queensbay area, because I need to use the car later (don't tell me the person delay sending those furniture, I'd be mad), and then came in office earlier. Oh well nevermind, since I got in late yesterday morning.. hehe, I forgot to switch on the alarm the night before, and didn't wake up till.. bout 8 something, then on the way to work suddenly remember that the car key was in my bag, so walked back home again to give the car key to my sister, so when I got into the office it was 9:37am already, luckily my boss went outstation~

Nothing much happened lately.. Ooh, I went to Winter Warmers 2 days ago, and end up paying RM00.00~ hahahaha! That's because I had a free set meal voucher, and my sis and I ordered cheese baked chicken.. Cheese and spagetti make people full~ Well, not me, I was not full, but my sis said she was very full.. Maybe cause I didn't ate much, I don't like chilli peppers..

Boring~ Don't know what to do.. no more freelance work.. Hmn, this reminds me.. last 2 days someone called and asked me to 'help' him with something, he wants me to draw 2D stuff for him.. huh! I'm not going to work for him again.. I'm suppose to call him back today, to tell him I'm not free, but who cares~ Wait till he calls me, I need freelance work, but I don't want to work with him.. He is the 'hero' of one of my April's blog with the title ‘鸟事天天有,近日特别多'. The guts of him to call me to work for him, huh! Dream on~ By the way, any freelance work for me lately? I need money, money, money!! $_$

Yesh! I went to Skyhome few days back. It's a to-be condominium at Tanjung Bungah. When my boss called me and asked me to go there, he didn't expect it to be a construction site, and.. hahaha! I was wearing high heels.. nevermind, not that I mind though.. What made me really excited was the elevator.. I finally got to try out the construction site elevator! WuuhoOoo~ And also.. luckily I always use the stairs instead of escalators or elevators, because we need to walk 5 stories before reaching the construction site elevator, and then only we took the elevator to 11th floor, climb out the elevator (because there's a 3' high railing) to the balcony (low wall still not constructed, so if we fall.. imagine fall off from 11th floor..), and then walked to 10th floor. Though I'm afraid of height, I'm too excited to forget bout my fear, hahaha! Plus, the balcony is not very scary, cause the width is big enough (for me alone) to stand and still have a safe distance in front.

Alright, I need to get back to work now.. Work work and work..