Tuesday, July 27, 2010

break broke BROKEN

While waiting for my renderings to be done, I'm using my naked fingers that feels so numb to update my blog for a little bit.

ARRR!!! I haven't been cutting my fingernails so short since.. secondary school?? Now my finger tips can barely feel anything, and I feel naked with all these short nails.. feel like something is not quite right. What's worse is that my left thumbnail is still broken, and I can't cut it because the broken part is too deep P A I N ! ! !

Ops, finish render..

Sunday, July 18, 2010


mmMm.. nothing to write......

I'm very down, super blue

I think I'm getting thinner.. *tut*

Don't hate me.. I hate myself

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A trip outta Penang!! pt II

Next stop, Cheah Kongsi.. Mmm, typical kongsi look..

Their school!! or class.. I don't know

One of the most amazing things -- a long table without joinings!! We have more advanced machines nowadays but we still lost to our ancestors..

After Cheah Kongsi, we walked to the Dua Pek Gong Temple not so far away, but on the way we saw this R E D old Volvo and decided to take a picture, because coincidentally we're all wearing red. Alright, we looked like 3 strangers..

Okay, Dua Pek Gong..

The temple is using really cute tigers, instead those fierce ones.. how weird

and their 圣杯 is enormous!!!

Besides, they have lots of secret tunnels!! But they're all closed.. I want to crawl!!

Ooh, en route back to our car, I saw this.. tricycle.. wonder why most of the beca in Penang has this chicken on it..

Here ended my trip outta Penang in Penang.. went for a Korean trip after that xD

I went to a Korean hair saloon to have a hair cut.. cut my hair shorter (okok, I'm gonna leave it long again..), and went to the Korean mart upstairs and bought myself a bottle of yummy Kimchi!!~ That's it for my day..